Title Ura Jutaijima (裏・受胎島)
Synonyms Island of Conception, Hidden Conception Island
Typ Hentai
Episodes 2/2
Year 2018
Runtime ~16 Minutes
Main Genre
Subsidiary Genre
Hentai Tags
A deadly virus that is cured by ingesting semen?! Sounds like a dream come true....but when there's only one male on the entire island and 4 girls to take care of... it starts to take it's toll.

Source: aniSearch
Release Group SakuraCircle Fansubs
Resolution 720x480
Filesize ~160 MB
Password www.anime-loads.org
Release Notes [SakuraCircle] Ura Jutaijima (DVD 720x480 h264 AAC)
Release Group SakuraCircle Fansubs
Resolution* 720x480
Typ* MKV
Filesize* ~160 MB
Release Notes [SakuraCircle] Ura Jutaijima (DVD 720x480 h264 AAC)
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